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The New King James Version

In addition to what I wrote in the Bible Versions booklet concerning the The New King James Version (NKJV), you should obtain and read Rev. D.A.Waite's many comments about the NKJV in his book:
Defending the King James Version.
Available from: The Bible For Today Press
900 Park Avenue,
New Jersey 08108
Telephone 609-854-4452

On page 92 Rev. Waite, ThD,PhD. writes of a further publication which deals exclusively with the NKJV:
"We have a computer printout of the analysis of the NEW KING JAMES VERSION comparing it to the Hebrew and Greek and we give over 2,000 examples, chapter and verse, of where the editors have added to, subtracted from, or changed the Word of God by paraphrase."      (This publication is: B.F.T. #1442)

You should purchase these two publications. They are worth every cent.
The Bible For Today  Press will, opon request, send you a catalogue of titles concerning the vital issue of Bible Versions. 

No Christian can afford to dismiss the subject of Bible Versions as unimportant. That could be a fatal mistake! Since the days of the Apostle John, there has been a constant war as to which is the real Word of God! The history of Christendom (especially in Waldensian and early Reformation times) abounds with details of how the Roman Church on the one side and the Protestant Reformers  on the other, have battled over this issue.  Before we study a book calling itself God's Word, we Christians, especially if we are in positions of leadership, must make sure we are correct. I thank God that He opened my eyes to my error in this respect before it was too late - for me!

In view of this, please continue your studies and lead the flock of God in your area back to the truth.

Elder: David B Loughran

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