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Module 7

No. Title Description
0701 Yahweh's Word It abideth forever. It cannot be broken
0702 Questions about Jesus Learn to answer these questions correctly
0703 The Holy Spirit Given only to the obedient
0704 Satan His work, his fruits and his baptism
0705 Sacrificial laws (Part 1) "Behold the Lamb of God"
0706 Heirs of Salvation What is your aim in life?
0707 The Three Angels' Messages Fear God, obey Him because Judgement is near
0708 Hindrances to Prayer Sin, doubt, greed, lack of love
0709 Psalm 1 The secret of success
0710 The Wedding Banquet Do you have a wedding garment?
0711 Moses Yahweh's Secretary of State
0712 Human Suffering Why does the Most High allow it?

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February 1999
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland