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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

Examination File 6

"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves..."

The Answers to the following Questions can all be found in the sermons of Module 6

Question 1: Jehovah is a holy God, a unique individual who is absolutely pure and perfect in every way.
True believers are commanded to be a holy people. What does this command encompass?
See Sermon Note 06/01. for answer.

Question 2: Yeshua the Messiah stepped down from heaven's glory to become the lowly Son of Man in order to save the human race from extinction.
To find rest for our souls, what must we learn and accept of him?
See Sermon Note 06/02 for answer.

Question 3: The Spirit of God the Father and God the Son will take up residence in the human mind provided two conditions are met.
What are those two conditions?
See Sermon Note 06/03 for answer.

Question 4: Who is Yahweh's special Messenger of the Covenant; and why was he, instead of a standard angel, sent to deliver certain messages for God?
See Sermon Note 06/04 for answer.

Question 5: Satan, along with a host of fallen angels, desperately crave the worship of mankind.
Quote the commandments which forbid the worship of fallen angels and other Gods and the icons (graven images, statues and pictures) associated with them.
See Sermon Note 06/05 for answer.

Question 6: We live in a world which loves 'instant results.' No one wants to wait for anything these days. But we have need of patience. We need to wait upon God.
Name a few things we should wait for?
See Sermon Note 06/06 for answer.

Question 7: Noah lived in a sex-crazed, violent and greedy age, just as we do. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. Noah was a called a 'preacher of righteousness.'
How would you define righteousness?
See Sermon Note 06/07 for answer.

Question 8: The Saviour made some astonishing promises about prayer,
making virtually anything possible - 'if we asked for it in His name.'
What does it mean to 'Ask in Jesus' name?'
See Sermon Note 06/08 for answer.

Question 9: In Psalm 91 protection is promised during the Time of Trouble to those who 'dwell in the secret place of the Most High.'
Where is this place and how can a true believer 'dwell' there?
See Sermon Note 06/09 for answer.

Question 10: The Saviour keeps a vineyard in which His people are likened to vines and branches.
From us He expects fruit.
What is the Master's reaction if good fruit is not forthcoming?
See Sermon Note 06/10 for answer.

Question 11: The Apostle Paul suffered more than most believers ever will. He prayed fervently and often to be released from such suffering; but his prayers seemed to go unanswered.
What great lesson did Paul learn from His suffering; and is it possible that God is teaching us the same lesson?
See Sermon Note 06/11 for answer.

Question 12: Turmoil, revolution, wars, ethnic and sectarian battles are breaking out all over the globe.
There is no let up. War seems to be overtaking every country.
Which Old Testament prophet of God predicted these international outbreaks of violence and what symbolic drama did God Almighty use to describe what was to happen - and is now happening?
See Sermon Note 06/12 for answer.

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SBS   Sermon Notes  Module 14

June 2000
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland