Moral standards defined in the Bible
For God shall bring every every work into judgement, with every secret thing,
whether it be good, or whether it be evil."

  (Ecclesiastes 12:14)
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  1. Introduction
  2. Wisdom:     A priceless and Divine gift that is available to all believers.
  3. Adultery     Fornication     Homosexuality     Are all these activities sinful?
  4. Iniquity in the Christian Church       Is Christmas Christian?
  5. Grace       Works ... Are they Important?
  6. Evolution ... Fact or Fallacy?      Creation
  7. Marriage     Divorce & Remarriage
  8. Does God Exist?     Faith     Salvation   Much more about Salvation
  9. Prayer ... Does God hear or even care? He does.   Much more about Prayer
  10. The Sign of the Cross   Images, Pictures, Statues etc.
  11. Hellfire/Purgatory:   Will sinners burn forever?     Immortality:   Are Humans & Angels immortal?
  12. Customs   Kneeling / Women's clothes / Makeup / Jewellery / Head Coverings / Menstruation etc.
  13. The Gift of Tongues     The Secret Rapture ... What does the Bible teach?
  14. Sacred Names: Jehovah / Yahovah / Yahweh & Yeshua / Yahshua / Jesus   Part 1   Part 2
  15. Starting a Church Group in your area
  16. "Visiting the Sins of the Fathers"
  17. Women Preachers / Priests   What's wrong with that?
  18. Animal Sacrifices ... Are they necessary? [75K]
  19. Circumcision
  20. Funeral Service ... How to conduct one.

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January 2000