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1. Introduction

Internet users will obviously be acquainted with most of what follows. Nevertheless, I trust that these few lines will prove useful, especially for new-comers to the Bible and those who may read a printed copy of this file. It is common knowledge that millions of men, women and children around the world have little or no chance of obtaining a copy of the HOLY BIBLE . But Information Technology (IT) is changing that. The Bible is now available in many languages on the Internet; which is now linked to world-wide digital TV networks.

2. Hardware / Software Requirements

The power of modern computers is stunning to say the least. What's more, computer prices continue to fall and their power is rising - fast! The average desktop today has more processing power than the mainframe I worked on many, many years ago. Be that as it may, it's important to know how your own computer will cope with downloads of the larger files in the Bible library. Besides the usual telephone/modem link to the Net, you'll need a computer with at least 4Mb, (preferably 8Mb+) of Random Access Memory (RAM) to access the Stewarton Bible School site.

3. No Internet Connection?

Maybe you have a friend who has a computer, but no link to the Internet. I have good news for them; and it's up to you to print out this file and pass it on. To receive a free copy of the Bible on disk, you can e-mail (see home page) on your friend's behalf; or he/she can write by ordinary mail to the address below, giving name and full postal address, including the country. See Section 8 below for details of the various options available for IBM compatible PCs.

4. The Bible Index Screen

The Bible Index Screen is the gateway through which you may link to any one of the 66 books in the Holy Bible. Please note that these books are from the Authorised King James Version, which is the real Word of God!
The Bible Index Screen is divided into 3 sections:

HTML   (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) is the file format used on the Internet. This file, the one you are currently viewing, is a HTML file.
TEXT FILES   are not formatted; that is, there is no bold, italic or special font sizes etc.

If you do not already have the Bible on disk, this is the time to obtain a copy. The Bible is the Word of the living God, the Creator of the mighty universe!  There is not a single English language publication on the entire Internet which is more important than the Holy Bible. That is a fact all mankind will acknowledge on the soon-coming Day of Judgment.
The Bible is Life's User Guide and once you have a copy on your computer it will be available for study, composing your own Bible-based articles and for copying to others.

As you know, the main method of downloading files from the Internet is to first open them with your browser and then save them to your hard drive, using the Save As option under the File Menu. If you find that downloading Bible files is taking too long, then e-mail us for a copy of the entire Bible on disk. See Section 8 below for details.

5. Using Your Own Software

HTML files, once copied to your hard drive, may be viewed at leisure without connecting to the Net. The Find, Copy and Paste facilities are available in most browsers.
TEXT files can be loaded by every Word Processor (WP) on the market. Once opened you can use the Find, Copy and Paste facilities to create Bible-based articles of your own.

Using Sword Searcher

Sword Searcher is a highly recommended Shareware Bible Program written by Brandon Staggs. His King James Bible site is well worth visiting.

6. Bible Books / Abbreviations / Sizes

There are 66 books in the Holy Bible: 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New. The Bible Index page has links to them all. You will notice at that screen that some of the larger books have been divided into 2 HTML files to speed access. A complete list of abbreviations (where applicable) and file sizes now follows:

Old Testament
Genesis (Gen: 250k)    Exodus (Ex: 179k)    Leviticus (Lev: 134k)    Numbers (Num: 186k)    Deuteronomy (Deut: 154k)    Joshua (Josh: 105k)      Judges (Judg:103k)      Ruth (14k)      1.Samuel (1Sam: 136k)    2.Samuel (2Sam: 112k)   1.Kings (1Kgs: 133k)  ; 2.Kings (2Kgs: 126k)    1.Chronicles (1Chron: 126k)       2.Chronicles (2Chron: 145k)       Ezra (42k)        Nehemiah (Neh: 60k)        Esther (Esth: 33k)      Job (103k)      Psalms (Ps: 244k)       Proverbs (Prov: 87k)      Ecclesiastes (Ecc: 30k)       The Song of Solomon (Song: 15k)       Isaiah (Isa: 204k)       Jeremiah (Jer: 234k)       Lamentations (Lam: 19k)      Ezekiel (Ezek: 215k)      Daniel (68k)        Hosea (29k)        Joel (11k)        Amos (23k)        Obadiah (Obad: 4k)      Jonah (7k)      Micah (17k)      Nahum (7k)      Habakkuk (Hab: 8k)      Zephaniah (Zeph: 9k)    Haggai (Hag: 6k)    Zechariah (Zech: 34k)      Malachi (Mal: 10k)       

New Testament
St.Matthew (Mt: 132k)      St.Mark (Mk: 84k)        St.Luke (Lk: 143k)      St.John (Jn: 104k)       Acts of the Apostles (Acts: 137k)       Romans (Rom: 54k)        1.Corinthians (1Cor: 57k)       2.Corinthians (2Cor: 34k)       Galatians (Gal: 18k)        Ephesians (Eph: 17k)        Philippians (13k)        Colossians (Col: 11k)        1.Thessalonians (1 Thes: 10k)       2.Thessalonians (2Thes: 6k)       1.Timothy (1Tm: 13k)      2.Timothy (2Tm: 10k)      Titus (Ti: 5k)        Philemon (Phlm: 3k)      Hebrews (Heb: 40k)      James (Jms: 13k)      1.Peter (1Pt: 14k)      2.Peter (2Pt: 9k)      1.John (1Jn: 14k)      2.John (2Jn: 2k)      3.John (3Jn: 2k)      Jude (4k)        Revelation (Rev: 65k)     

7. Bible Versions / Copyright

The Bible version recommend at the SBS site is the Authorized King James Version. You will find the reason for this in the article entitled Bible Versions.   A free copy of this booklet is available on request.

Most, if not all, modern English translations of the Bible have a copyright notice at the beginning of the publication. There you will read copyright warnings such as:

I am delighted to inform you that the basic text of the Authorized King James Version, first published in 1611, contains no copy restrictions. This means that you are permitted to copy the basic text (not the marginal references, notes, commentaries and maps etc.) without violating copyright. You are certainly not allowed to do this with modern translations of the Bible. Most, if not all, contain a copyright warning, even about the basic text! When you stop to consider this vital matter, you will agree that it is unthinkable that Jehovah, the Almighty God of Israel, would slap a copyright warning on His own Word. Be grateful that He hasn't. Stewarton Bible School's literature is also not copy protected. This means that you may make copies of any HTML or Text file at this site without violating copyright. For more information see No Copyright.

8. Free CD Offer

The CD will allow you to study - offline - the scores of articles at this site. Then, if you are missionary-minded, you could printout the articles you deem most suitable for the people in your area. Or you may place some of them on your own web site. See Labourers Urgently Needed. . The Bible tells us that the Everlasting Gospel will be published throughout the world before the Saviour returns. The messages on the CD will help you to do your part in that great work. So do not delay; write for one today - there is no charge!

The CD contains ALL the SBS Internet files in an unzipped state, in the popular HTML format of the Internet. This means that the HTML files on the SBS CD, will be accessible by any computer which has a Web Browser (i.e. Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer etc.)

To obtain the CD  e-mail your request to: (please see home page). Be sure to give your name and full mailing address   -   including the country!!!

I'll end here with a prayer:

May Yahweh, the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel bless you as you study His Holy Word.

Elder: David. B. Loughran

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