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Bible Versions. Today there are well over 100 Bible versions in the English language on the market; all claiming to be the Word of God! Something is wrong somewhere. This booklet explains what it is and Which is the Real Word of God. View Booklet Index

The Sacred Calendar of the God of Israel. The Creator of the mighty universe is not working to the Gregorian calendar which hangs on the wall of almost every office in the world. Neither is He influenced in any way by the other calendars designed by mankind. He uses His own calendar and no other. This booklet explains what that calendar is and how it concerns you. View Booklet Index
The Feast Days of the God of Israel. This booklet contains rare information about the sacred days in the Almighty's calendar, days on which you should be watching out for signs in the sun, moon and stars. God has certain memorials. He calls them "My Feasts" for they are sacred memorial banquets of His greatest acts in the programme of Salvation, banquets to which all His subjects are invited. View Booklet Index
Understand the Revelation. Revelation is considered by many to be a closed book, a book of riddles and bewildering symbols which cannot possibly be understood by the average  believer. This booklet explains the last prophecy in the Bible. You need to understand this prophecy, because it really does concern you. View Booklet Index

You can also download it in an easy to read format to use on your Smart Phone or Tablet by clicking on this link - Revelation Booklet
Animal Sacrifices are they Necessary? Animal sacrifices can be traced back to the dawn of human history. Since Adam's day, generations of believers have sacrificed animals as an expression of faith and a means of reconciliation. What mysterious lessons did the Creator have in mind? More importantly, are believers today expected to sacrifice animals? Have some leaders misunderstood the all encompassing, once and for all sacrifice of God's only begotten Son? View Booklet Index

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Note: To avoid sending out the same booklets twice, please allow 28 days for delivery.

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