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Introduction to the Course

1. Life's User Guide

The Bible is Life's User Guide. It is essential that you study it on a regular basis - daily! The Bible Course you are about to begin was written many years ago for the youth of Stewarton Bible School in Scotland. Initially it was advertised in local newspapers and magazines and is now offered on the Internet to the world. We trust that all who study it will be blessed, particularly the youth. To obtain the best results from this course it should be done in the following way:
  1. Read the first lesson through. Do not attempt at this first reading to look up the Bible texts given at each point. Just read the lesson through once.
  2. Then begin to write the lesson in an exercise book or loose leaf folder. Yes, write out each lesson in your own handwriting: the idea being that you will learn immeasurably more by actually writing out the lesson than by merely reading it.
  3. When a Bible reference is given after a statement, look up the text in the Bible and copy it into your exercise book. Use the King James Version (also called the Authorised Version) of the Bible only. Then proceed to the next text and copy that out.
  4. Go to the next statement, copy it into your book. Repeat this process till the whole lesson is copied. The completed lesson, indeed the 'real lesson' is the hand written one which appears in your exercise book.
  5. Finally round of the lesson by reading it through from your own hand written copy.
  6. Before starting a new lesson always read the previous 'real lesson' (your hand-written copy). In this way you would have read the lesson through at least three times: once in its incomplete and twice in its complete form.

2. Time Schedule

To do a lesson as outlined above would take several hours. Therefore, depending on the time available, your writing speed etc., a lesson may be spaced out over a period of weeks. Do not rush through your studies, for these are spiritual subjects and the more you think about and practice them, the more successful a student you will be in the Almighty's eyes.

3. Examinations / Certificates

Stewarton Bible School does not set its students any examinations: neither do we issue any certificates. Successful students, in our opinion, are those who: Since we at SBS are not in a position to evaluate these spiritual outcomes in the lives of our students, we do not commend or condemn their efforts. At the final examination - the great Day of Judgement - everyone will know how he/she has done, whether it be everlasting life or everlasting death. No earthly examination, however important it may appear to be, can compare with that final assessment.

May the Spirit of the Almighty God, our Heavenly Master, bless you as you study His Holy Word.

SBS  Course

Author: David B Loughran
Stewarton Bible School, Stewarton, Scotland
August 1998